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36 responses to “Teen Tight Ass”

18 03 2007
james :

dam baby u gotta come round brisbane and give me some of that

31 03 2007
Jess :

These girls are really hot. I love anal especially double penetration with another girl with a strap on dildo. I am getting so horny right now I think I will finger my pussy and shove a massive dildo up my ass. :-O

10 04 2007


1 05 2007
Dopamine420 :

“Jess :

These girls are really hot. I love anal especially double penetration with another girl with a strap on dildo. I am getting so horny right now I think I will finger my pussy and shove a massive dildo up my ass. :-O”

Damn baby come to papa

21 05 2007
Lol@Jess :

Jess is a guy pretending to be a girl


13 06 2007
shiloh :

ill give you something big to stick up your tight ass.

18 06 2007
Wilki :

Hey jess a wud lv t gv u anal bbe!

6 07 2007
bootybandit :


i bet your really an overweight middleaged numpty

12 07 2007
jack :

man i wanna fuck one so bad

12 07 2007
jenna :

I feel really horny, callin one of my girlfriends over and fucking

21 08 2007
Ben :

I wana lick them assholes out.

26 08 2007
big boy :

I say u come round mine so I can tickle you moist wet clit with my tongue . then turn you over and invade your ass

3 10 2007
Leandro :

i wanna fuck all those womens’ ass

7 11 2007
jotsta :

man i gotta wank so bad now

I have a piss fetish, wetscape is good, i think ill go wank ova tha wiv a dildo in my aSs

28 11 2007
ray :

These holes are damn pretty!!!

28 11 2007
Conor :


21 12 2007
Niggaman :

Fuck that shit yo id hi t that shit an fuck those holes likea black nigga could is

31 12 2007
slick :

I love to jack off with a dildo in my ass, im not gay, but it gives you a completely different orgasim and its 100 times better, try it… by the way, i would love to work for asstraffic, it would be a dream…

7 01 2008
Ha :

you guys are fuckin dumb, get out of your parents basement and fuck a person instead of your hand

Best of Luck

27 01 2008
wtp :

im a dude but im so horny that ill take ur cock

17 02 2008
lol :

i agree with HA

6 04 2008
mikey :

I could use a nice girl to pund ryte now im so horny cmon babes ride my cock!

21 04 2008
t rock :

nigga i was with her when they flimed the vid last year

4 05 2008
funny farm :

god damn u girls are hot as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would love some of that!!!!!!!!!!!

8 05 2008
iluvanal :

Damn baby, i’d slide my cock right between them cheeks and fuck you like no other. You could ride my cock like my girlfriend..we’re getting ready to do anal..it’s her first time with anal and i’m gonna cum on her ass like a mother fucker.

2 06 2008
omar :

I love your girls a lot.

8 06 2008
musalini :

luking 4 a whyt bitch that luvs a black cock

22 06 2008
Jack & Rose :

me & my wife we do all night clit suck, anal, pussy & all other stuff in all the posiotions that you all ever imagine & dream of it. she also sucks my balls & penis all the time that im at home & wen she sucks my balls , OH GODD my penis gets double size & double hard that wen i put in her she screams alot… GODD I LOVE MY WIFE so much

P.S. we both get horny more that uve been in all ur life xD
i love being married to Rose.

Jack & Rose

11 07 2008
worf :

fu in ass all night

25 10 2008
hshbh :

i put my dick in your ass

21 04 2009
Booty :

Damn, i fuck bitches asses all the time but that shit was fuckin boss!!!!

30 10 2009
getto turk :

yo my nigga these girls aint a teenager I fucked one yesterday that’s how I know lol

18 02 2010
kim :

ohhh im fingering my pussy and ass now

21 04 2010
Jon Hlutke :

Nice ass but jerking off is better

Jon Hlutke

29 06 2010
michael 8989 :

ooooh stuning wud love 2 plunge my cock so far up ur tight sexy asshole then give ur mouth a load fulll of cum !!!!

27 02 2011
michelle :

I only do anal. When I meet a guy & have him come over, he has to pull his cock outa his pants before I let him in. If its a nice cock I take off my pants & have him pound my ass in the door way. If he don’t gotta nice dick he has to watch me play with my pussy & my ass till I cum. I have a dildo in my ass right now! Oh shit I’m fucking cuming! U guys wanna see??

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